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medtech awareness

Ending the year on a high, Tinderpoint was recognised by the Irish MedTech Association for our MedTech Awareness Week campaign.

Tinderpoint Wins Best European Digital Marketing Award

The Medtech Week Campaign recognises companies that took part in a “major pan-European effort to help people better understand the value of medtech, and how it saves and improves lives”.

Campaign Planning/Concept
Pablo Benites (Tinderpoint)
John Ring (Tinderpoint)
Steven Kinsella (Tinderpoint)

Content & Data
John Ring (Tinderpoint)
Grace Garvey (Tinderpoint)

Grace Garvey (Tinderpoint)
Sinead Flynn (Tinderpoint)

Case Study Concept, Design and Animation
Pablo Benites (Tinderpoint)

Landing Page & Campaign Assets Design
Pablo Benites (Tinderpoint)

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